God slipped away


I watched in horror

A family’s grief at the loss of a daughter

Not my daughter

Someone else’s child still dreaming

Of becoming a Congresswoman

Or maybe the President

The first woman of America

To receive that title

Who loved jumping in rain puddles

Like me…

Who loves the August afternoon monsoons

In the Arizona desert

More than Godiva bittersweet

She became everyone’s child

On Saturday morning last

Because God slipped away

To save another, she died

At the hand of a stranger with a gun

Inauspiciously, this nine-year-old

Held the heartstrings of a nation

And brought the universe to its knees

When the President reminded us

“…she is playing in rain puddles in heaven…”

This mother wept, reminding herself

They’re only words, meanings that unleash tears

And in the end, how can you explain

The grief of a mother in words


When God slips away.


*Christina-Taylor Green (9 years old) died during the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.


All rights reserved.  ©2011 by Sara Fryd


One thought on “Christina

  1. Nice. I watched as they told us about a fourteen yr old had his nine yr old brother saved first. When they came back for him, it was too late. I cried for the parents and his brother.


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