A Library for Krakow

I belong to a Holocaust Survivors e-mail list that travels around the globe online helping Survivors find other Survivors.  More than six years ago I received an email about a young man who wanted to start a library in Kraków Poland and needed help filling the shelves with Jewish books.  Seems he was raised Christian to save his life.  Finding out as an adult that his biological parents were Jewish, he was determined to make this happen.

As much as I love my books, I’ve learned to share over the years and this seemed extremely important.   I boxed up a huge box of books that included my college freshman Children’s Literature anthology (that was 30 years old) and my Bat Mitzvah prayer book (which was even older).  Books are one of my great loves, so there were many books that had been on my shelves for many years.

It was important I told myself and left for the Post Office, almost leaving when they asked me to fill out a huge amount of paperwork for Custom’s reasons.  Never heard anything, assumed my good deed was in a black hole somewhere at the bottom of the Atlantic.

While casually searching Google the other night for the three blogs I’ve created, to see what is being sent out to the universe (by me), I came upon this website in Poland which had my name attached.  Being unbelievably curious and not knowing Polish, I used Google translator.

Copy, paste, click, read.    Copy, paste, click, read.  I had no idea what happened to my book box until now.  On Google.com it says “darczyncy” and my name.  The Rabbi Remuh Jewish Library was established in June 2005 and it is the only Jewish Library in Krakow open to everyone. czulent_salon_1

I am listed as a donor.  Oh my God was all I could pray through all the tears.  What makes this so special is my Dad Berek Nathan was born in Warsaw.  His entire family – brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles died in the Holocaust.   He was the only living survivor.  Saving himself by running to the forest while the Nazis were kicking his brother to death on the streets of Poland.  He was 15.  Berek Nathan died August 2005 at age 87.  He was my Hero.  At least some of his books are back in Poland at a Jewish Library where they always belonged.


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4 thoughts on “A Library for Krakow

  1. How wonderful to know your books are there! What a great story. 🙂

    You say Berek Nathan was your father? Do you mean your biological father or your priest? I wasn’t sure on that one. I will have to look up that poem now. 🙂

  2. Sara, what a heart-warming story.Being a book-lover myself and, as an observant Jew, a lover of Jewish books,I am delighted to read about this library.As I’m sure you are aware,”Rabbi Remuh” was Rabbi Moshe Isserles of Cracow who lived in the 16th century and was the author of a commentary,or addition really, to the Shulchan Aruch, the Code of Jewish Law of Rabbi Joseph Karo.How wonderful that you have such a valuable share in this library,such an important part of the return of some form of judaism to Poland

  3. See, look! See what happens when you let it go around and get out of the way?

    Always nice to come in here and find cookies, chocolate and words.

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