Birthday Birds

On the day God made you,

God danced

And all the birds sang.


Can you hear the birds

~ Clara Peck Schultz



Cats in Antique Shops

When you behave badly

Or cheat another

Or yourself

You carry that pain with you

Like trash you wish you could throw away

Accidents and illnesses follow you

Goodness and happiness disappear

Attaching themselves to others

In order to grow…

When you act rightly (says the Little Prince)

Treating yourself and others kindly

If for no other reason than “because”

You are a safe place

A place to grow and thrive.

Joy attaches itself to you

Like presents with love written on them

Found in corners of antiques shops

For friends you cannot stop longing for

No matter their

Distance from home…


*There are three special people whom I love who also love cats.

This is for Trudy, Shoshana, and Josh.

An Empty House




I wanted to matter

To you

So much

But you didn’t hear me

Or maybe you couldn’t


Or see

For so many reasons

I lost count

It seemed the more

I tried

The harder I worked

At us

The more alone I became

And when you finally

Remembered I mattered

All my footsteps, my music

No longer lived in our home


All rights reserved. ©2018 by Sara Fryd




I Don’t Like Spaghetti



Spaghetti is slimy, squiggly too.

It tickles my throat; tastes just like glue.

I don’t know why grown-ups think it is so great.

Wish something else was sitting on my plate.

Why don’t they ask me, what I want to eat?

‘Stead of making me swallow stuff like meat.

I’d rather have carrots all cut up in sticks.

Celery with peanut butter is my favorite pick.

Apples are great all chopped up in sauce.

He makes me eat what he wants, ‘cause he is the boss.

Won’t know how to choose what to eat for myself,

If I don’t get to pick different stuff from the shelf.

Please, please let me try, I’m smarter than you think.

I can scramble eggs quick as a wink.

I can make my own meals, I can do it, I can.

Then I’ll wash all the dishes and turn off the fan.


How Old Are You?

I live at Skyline Gateway, an apartment complex of 250 units. People are moving in and out daily. It’s hard to keep track some days. My dogs love little kids, so I take them out frequently.

One morning an adorable whirlwind of a little blond girl comes running over waving and yelling, “Hi, what’s your name? I’m Sadie and I’m 4 years old. That’s my sister Maddie and she’s 6 years old. That’s my Mom on the phone over there and she’s 27. How old are you?”

I smiled at her, stuck out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Sara and I’m 105.” Her eyeballs started spinning as her brain was trying to add all the way to a hundred and five.

All the while she was screaming, “Mom, that lady over there is a 105.”  I think they heard her in Sedona, a couple hundred miles away.

© 2017 by Sara Fryd