Lashon Hara



Lashon Hara (the Hebrew term for defamatory speech or gossip)*

They stood under the southern live oak,

Who had heard every story told under her canopy of branches with leaves,

Living amongst these exterior walls for more than forty years.

Three angry women from various lives

Who daily congregate in the shade of the oak

To pick apart strangers as sporting game.

Without comprehending other’s lives or their own.

More than fifty years have vanished,

There they are, as if in a high school bathroom

Openly denying access

To those that are not members of the “in crowd.”

I stare at my wise beloved oak

That makes the world right, answering a multitude of questions.

The lowest branch holding a fledgling cooper hawk

Tearing apart its recently caught prey.

I smile and keep walking with my lesson for the day.

Nature is so truthful, so honest it hurts

Watching a species rip apart another for the hunger of survival

Unlike humans who rip each other apart for nothing more than sport.

*the halakhic term for derogatory speech (true speech for a wrongful purpose i.e. gossip)

All rights reserved. ©2016 by Sara Fryd


I Remember Our Kitchen

I don’t need a special day

Lucy & Nusha

Lucy & Nusha

          to remember you

Or our kitchen.

A place that invited all of us in

With smells and tastes

Not matched by any restaurant.

A place where we would gather

For sustenance and hugs

As well as daily discussions

          of earth shaking proportions

Of who did what to whom.

Your kitchen came filled with laughter and love.

Where all my friends wanted to visit, and stay

So they could spend time with my Mom.

You know…

I will never again find a place

          where I feel so at home

As in your kitchen…

And where you are so at home

          as in my heart.


All rights reserved.  ©2009 by Sara Fryd