The flat screen television

Has become a terrorist

My laptop an instrument of torture

How CNN?  Can you know more about

What happened down the street

Than the news media living on that street

So I leave and drive, heading Southwest

Towards the hospital where you are fighting

For your life…

Beautiful spirit that any Mother

Would be thrilled to call Daughter

Any friend Sis

And everyone else Congresswoman Gabby

Our voice in the Capital, a Jewish woman’s voice

Democracy at work,

Like I was sure it would when I was eighteen

Before John died…

An office to call when you need help

Where human beings still answer the phone

No numbered buttons to push

In a trance, I’m driving down Campbell Ave

To the hospital healing your wounds

Saving your life

I see news trucks in line at the entrance

The light turns, enthralled with constant movement

As if in slow motion

I wonder if you are safe

Praying you are soon out of danger

Back with your family

Welcoming you with open arms


We love you.  Our prayers go out to you and your family.

All rights reserved.  ©2011 by Sara Fryd