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18 Sep 2009 – Colleen in Cairins Colleen, Cairns, Australia

Sara, guess what arrived in my mail box today ? “What if…only one child remained.” I am sitting here in tears. So eloquently, so honestly, so bravely …somehow you have transcribed the hurt, bewilderment and longing of my soul.

I have found within your words a new mantra by which to live my life..I am not a pin cushion.., from the poem “An only daughter”.. How fabulously perfect ! You could have written that for me Sara. How that poem resonates with my experience of life and my relationship with me mother.  Thank you, Thank you and God Bless You ! How wonderful she was to give you to the world.

WOW! – 12 Jun 99 – Mark Weissbaum Miami, FL

WOW is lacking for an adequate response. The imagery along with the pain painted by the words leave path marks where tears cascaded. It seems an oxymoron to say I enjoyed the prose about her pain, but the poems left me speechless and terribly sad. From tales of my father to my own of Vietnam her words brought back images I sought long ago to bury as far away from conscience thought as possible. There is great talent presented in these poems which delights and humbles those of lessor abilities.

Our family loved it… – 18 Aug 99 – NJB NYC, NY

I find the material incredibly moving. My family and I have had the privilege of reading Sara’s material and can’t believe how great the works are. They are thought provoking and just reach inside and touch your heart. Can’t remember a writer who has done that in a long time. An incredible insight into what life is about. She has definitely affected my life by just being Sara.”

Touching and Profound  – 3 Sep 98 – Edith Kroschel, San Antonio, TX

This book takes time for the reader to sort out – so many feelings. How the little girl could survive emotionally and spiritually such repressive, fearful, loveless, childhood and blossom into a compassionate, loving, sensitive poet is astonishing and a tribute to her spirit which developed into the beautiful thoughts in her poems.

The appeal of the book is also in the memories of the reader’s experiences that are brought back – many memories suppressed, never understood, recalled to be questioned “Why”? Why didn’t I have more gumption to stand up against unwarranted criticism instead of recoiling and believing “they” were right.  Also, as a Mother, I wish I had not said certain things to a child or had supported one more vigorously at times. I keep falling back on the excuse: “I did the best I knew how to do at the time.”  Yes, the book makes one think a lot. If she could survive and blossom into a   beautiful spirit who turned her pain into inspiration – why didn’t I?

Release the pain of your childhood with this book – 14 Jul 98 – Mary, Scottsdale, AZ

Sara Fryd’s book, “What If… only one child remained?” is a great healing book for adults with dysfunctional childhoods and those who want to try to understand another’s pain. Sara has obviously made peace with her childhood and shares that peace with us through her book.